Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning

in the Billings, MT area

At Andersen Sewer Service in Billings, MT, we have over 39 years of grease trap cleaning experience.

We know how to clean grease traps for all types of restaurants and commercial kitchens. Not only can we perform a one-time cleaning, but you can also have us come back every one to three months to keep your grease trap clean.

Call us today at 406-245-7593 to get a free estimate on a grease trap cleaning.

Cleaning grease the right way

When it comes to our grease trap services, we never cut corners. You can trust us to clean your grease traps because we:

  • Are fully licensed and insured
  • Practice proper cleaning techniques
  • Dispose of all waste properly

Keep your kitchen safe by scheduling a grease trap service with us now.

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